July 2023 Dividend Income Report

A dividend income update after a long time. This is going to include the last 3 months – May, June and July. Before getting into the income report. I want to mention that similar to last time, I have made some updates to the portfolio page to show only my dividend portfolio. Major changes from … Read more

March 2023 Dividend Income Report

This is my second income report for 2023. I am including February and March 2023 in it.  February 2023 saw total dividends of $65.57 from 12 different companies. 4 of which had a dividend payment increase from their last payment cycle. This is also a $23.29 decrease in dividends compared to last year February. AT&T … Read more

December 2022 Dividend Income Report

Gold colored piggy bank

2022 is complete and it’s been a complete disaster of a year for stocks. For the most part of the year, the main focus of all financial channels were about the recession impending recession and how interest rates were going to put new homeowners under with house prices plummeting. SPY started the year around $475 … Read more