March 2022 Dividend Income Report

Quarter 1 of 2022 is over and now we are onto looking towards Q2 of 2022. This also brings about the topic of looking at March dividends. March, June, September and December cycle of dividends is usually the worst for me. I had mentioned this in my December income report as well. This March however … Read more

February 2022 Dividend Income Report

Another month down and it’s time to look at February dividends.  First feeling I got when I looked at my brokerage statement was a bit of a shock (in a good way). February dividends were above the $80 mark and I haven’t hit that number ever, so I thought there must  be a mistake. Good … Read more

January 2022 Dividend Income Report

2022 has started off with a bang and not a good kind of bang. The market was down almost 6% in January alone. Considering the performance that we have gotten used to from the last two years, an almost 6% move is pretty significant. Months like this are when you can really rely on dividends … Read more

December 2021 Dividend Income Report

2021 is over and it’s time to look at the December 2021 dividends.  December pretty much follows the September and June cycle of dividends which were the worse performing months in the past. So it’s no big surprise that the December performance is a bit lacking. Month over month comparisons seem a bit unfair because … Read more

November 2021 Dividend Income Report

Hey, look at that. I am doing the monthly dividend income report at a more reasonable time compared to the previous months. Hoping this is a new beginning where I am much better at doing these. I wouldn’t bet on it just yet, not until I can string a few months together.  Let’s take a … Read more