April 2023 Dividend Income Report

Another month is done and it’s time to look at the dividend income report again but first there is a small announcement.

I have updated the portfolio page to show my dividend portfolio. This is not all my holdings, just the dividend paying equities. I have manually entered the dividend paying tickers to a Google sheet so I can upload it. Since this is a manual process, the plan is to update it as infrequently as possible.

Let’s see what else….

I have included my dividend goals on the same page. Try to make $1000 in dividend income in 2023 and want to end reach $100 per month for every month in Q4 of this year.

The goal seemed like a nice, round number and achievable until I saw April dividend totals but I am going to keep the goals the same for now.

So for April, dividend income totaled $62.98 from 11 different tickers. 2 stocks had changes in their dividend from their last dividend cycle – 1 increase and 1 decrease.

Dividend changes in April 2023

  1. CSCO increased dividend by a penny. Past January the dividend was $0.38 per share and this time around it’s $0.39. A tiny 2.6% increase.
  2. The sad one, NLY cut dividend by 26% to $0.65. Previous dividend cycle, which was at the end of December, the dividend was $0.88 per share.

Dividends for April 2023

CompanyTickerDividend amount
Iron MountainIRM$9.90
Seagate TechnologySTX$5.60
Franklin ResourcesBEN$2.10
Occidental PetroleumOXY$0.90
Cardinal HealthCAH$0.50
Micron TechnologyMU$2.07
Cisco SystemsCSCO$0.39
Annaly Capital ManagementNLY$14.63
Invesco S&P 500 High Div Low Volatility ETFSPHD$0.15

Year over year comparison

This April has been the worst of the last 3 years. (the time I have been tracking to this level).  The dividend total saw a decrease of $16.37, about a 20% decrease.

Pretty much all the impact is from Occidental Petroleum where the dividend was $13.65 last April and $0.90 this April. I had a covered call that called away 100 shares at some point last year.

Dividend amount by month

Dividend amount by year

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