July 2021 Dividend Income Report

Another month has passed and it’s time again to update the monthly dividend income reports. July was a better month than June with almost double the amount in Dividends. A total of $64.97 in dividends from 12 different companies. Dividend increases from 3 companies. Cardinal health raised its dividend by 1% from $0.486 to $0.491 … Read more

June 2021 Dividend Income Report

It’s almost August and I didn’t do my June dividend income report. Pretty late to the party. June looks like a slower month with $34.80 in dividends from 16 different companies, the lowest haul after I started tracking dividends here.  Most of these shares were bought more than a year ago. Some of them are … Read more

4 Stocks for Monthly Income for 2021

Alarm Clock with three stacks of coins

You can find the list for 2022 here. It’s pretty common for people to look into dividend stocks if they’re looking for monthly income. This is especially true for people who are retired, who are nearing retirement and the early retirement FIRE movement folks. Dividends are the portion of the profits that’s paid out to … Read more