4 Stocks for Monthly Income with yearly dividend increases

It’s pretty common for people to look into dividend stocks if they’re looking for monthly income. This is especially true for people who are retired, who are nearing retirement and the early retirement FIRE movement folks. Dividends are the portion of the profits that’s paid out to its shareholders on a regular basis. Buying stock … Read more

December 2021 Dividend Income Report

2021 is over and it’s time to look at the December 2021 dividends.  December pretty much follows the September and June cycle of dividends which were the worse performing months in the past. So it’s no big surprise that the December performance is a bit lacking. Month over month comparisons seem a bit unfair because … Read more

November 2021 Dividend Income Report

Hey, look at that. I am doing the monthly dividend income report at a more reasonable time compared to the previous months. Hoping this is a new beginning where I am much better at doing these. I wouldn’t bet on it just yet, not until I can string a few months together.  Let’s take a … Read more

October 2021 Dividend Income Report

I am getting to this pretty early in the month compared to my usual timeframe. I think I posted the September income report like a week ago. It’s one of the better months of dividend income and definitely a big upgrade to the September numbers. A total of $66.42 in dividends from 11 different companies. … Read more

September 2021 Dividend Income Report

It’s early November and I am just getting to the September income report now. I have continued with being late to these. September was closer to one of the worse months with a total of $37.76 in dividends from 16 different companies. Only June was worse than September. There is a good reason for this … Read more