Trades of the Day 12/18/2020


Sold 1 TWTR $46 Put, $70 Call  – 02/19/2021 Strangle for $312. Collateral for the trade is $877 including the credit collected. Management plan – To close out at 50% if it reaches that before Twitter earnings on 02/09/2021. If it doesn’t reach 50% before earnings, then take it off before earnings to avoid earnings … Read more

Trade of the Day 12/14/2020

Sold 1 SPCE Put at strike price $21 with expiration on 01/15/2021. Premium received $95. Virgin Galactic dropped about 17% after an aborted test flight on Friday. Trying to take advantage of the drop today.  Management Plan: Hoping for a quick bounce and buying it back for around $45.