How to make money with options

Money in an Envelope

People usually look into options trading because they think it’s a means of getting rich quickly. Yes, there are instances where some have definitely made an enormous amount of money very quickly but the truth of the matter is very few have done that and most have lost money. This is more of my opinion … Read more

Trades of the day 12/29/2020

Rolling the Dice with DKNG

Old: 1 AAPL $112.50 Put, $145 Call – 01/15/2021 Strangle sold on December 18th 2020 didn’t work out as hoped. Closed it for $145. Not a win, not a loss. Closing and moving on. New: Sold 1 DKNG $42 Put 01/22/2021 for $105. Collateral is around $520 including credit. Management Plan – Close out for … Read more